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At Fra Giuseppe we boast one of the most enticing art collections on display, which together with Joseph Simon Gauci, owner of "", we keep on updating regularly.

The following is a sample of our display items, all of which are available for purchase.

[Click on the images for a larger image.]

"detail of a sitting female nude"

ashot asatrianlink to hosts page

"the eloquent grace and sensuality of the female figure, captured unpretentiously, with simple strokes of paint .... "

joseph s. gauci




osaka veber

"captivating sensations, provoking, what is often left hidden and unexpressed, buried deep within our hearts .... "

joseph s. gauci



"the drunken friar"

raymond azzopardi

"mutations of discarded pieces of tree trunks, into shapes of human form, and emotion.... "

joseph s. gauci



"a detail of a rocky archipelago and surrounding water"

george muscat

"images of undiscovered realities given life by a human pair of hands ...."
joseph s. gauci


"tribal fishermen and marine details"

pierre giusti

"intricate delicate work capturing episodes and moments, otherwise lost to time ...."

joseph s. gauci


"impression of balluta bay st julians malta"

svetlana dragojevic

"art that reminds me of the sudden energetic burst of colour that changes landscapes from winter into spring"

joseph s. gauci

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