Fra Giuseppe

Wine & Whisky Bar


3, Triq Dun Spir Sammut, Hal Balzan
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Serves typical nibbles and small eats and a variety of fine wines & malt whiskies.

Opening Times:

Mon to Sun – 18:30 till Late
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun – 11:00 till 14:00


A 300 year old historic building in the heart of Balzan.

The Rev. Dr.Giuseppe Zammit, an eminent Maltese doctor who has left this country an important legacy, retreated to this 300-year-old building to enjoy his leisure time. It has been meticulously restored and is now open to the public for friends to meet and relax.

Our Menu

With over thirty items on our food menu plus specials of the day, and a vast selection of wines and whiskies you are bound to enjoy a great evening at Fra Giuseppe … [read more]

The History

Fra Giuseppe was personal physician to five of the Grand Masters of his time (Cotoner, Carafa, Perellos, Zondadari and De Vilhena) who held him in high professional esteem and bestowed upon him various honours .. [read more]

The Perfect Event Gathering Venue

At Fra Giuseppe we can cater for your private functions, from Monday to Sunday in our exclusive upstairs area, including the services of a waiter to take care of the smooth running of the event. All packages include the following :



  • Mozzarella balls with cherry tomatoes and basil
  • Melon balls with salami
  • Parma ham on sticks
  • A variety of cheeses
  • A variety of cold cuts
  • A variety of dips
  • Bigilla with galletti and Maltese bread
  • Stuffed olives
  • Parmeggiano board
  • A variety of sandwiches
  • Maltese panini
  • Selection of drinks as per package



Three flexible packages to cater for your event.

Alternative arrangements can be made if more or different items are required. Bigger groups can be catered for on certain days during the summer season using the outside area. Please inquire for more details.

Minimum order quantity – 20 persons. Maximum 40 persons. 

Our Single Malt Selection

Single Malt whisky is a malt whisky exclusively made from malted barley. It must be distilled using pot stills at a single distillery and must be aged for at least three years in oak casks.
Single malts are typically associated to Scotland, though now they are also being successfully  produced in other countries around the world mainly Japan, Ireland, Wales, Germany, France and other interesting countries like India.
Patrons are welcome to come and savour different flavours from around the globe. We stock a variety of 40 different single malts every time.

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Tel: 2149 9940 | Mob: 9944 9925



3, Triq Dun Spir Sammut, Hal Balzan

Unique character .. to the last drop